About Us

Exeter ICE is a schools work Charity. We assist the local body of schools by providing character education programs, all of which supports the national and local syllabus and government guidelines.

Ice is a local voluntary body, supported by a wide group of organisations, schools, businesses, city churches and individuals. ICE was established in 1989.

It is a registered Charity 1071619, a Company Limited by Guarantee and is administered by a board of Trustees.

We are funded by voluntary donations from churches, individuals, fund raising events, local businesses and individuals.

ICE charity structure:


  • Trustees – Responsible for governance and overseeing the direction of the charity
  • Director  Responsible for overseeing vision, strategy and pioneering new ideas
  • Coordinators and Lead Workers – Salaried staff, who shape and develop the work
  • Year Out Volunteers – Volunteers, who fully participate in all aspects of ICE’s activities.
  • Associate Workers – Volunteers, who give freely of their time helping with ICE’s activities.


Sue Noden – (Chair)
David Northcote-Passmore – (Treasurer)
Stephen Cousley
Chela Fowler
Chris Keane
Tricia Morris
Brian Murray
Roger Rowe


John Bryant
John Tripp

Other ICE Partnership Centres





As an outside organisation operating in schools, ICE and our associate workers adhere to the PCfRE guidance for guests visiting schools.